In the Bico Flex, dai has designed a revolutionary suspension system that balances out every movement of the sleeper in both vertical and horizontal directions. Made of glass fibers and synthetic material, the combination of materials — commonly employed in aeronautics and space flight — results in a structure that is simultaneously durable yet flexible — a true state-of-the-art design to maximize the quality of your sleep.

The Privilège mattress system features a similarly revolutionary design that allows different layers to be swapped out and interchanged according to need. The modular system consists of layers with differing functions and features that — for example — provide ventilation, cater to hypoallergenic needs, or simply satisfy whims for different materials such as cashmere or silk. Not only does the system provide for a completely customizable experience, it allows Bico to maintain contact with its clients, and creates the opportunity for further add-on sales.

Bico Flex Bedframe & Privilege Mattress: Industrial Design, Product Design