dai Publishing

We bring brand communications into the digital realm by transforming print publications into a tablet-ready app

digital publishing on the iPad Newsstand

dai Creation

We create innovative product and business concepts which we then
implement and realize. To bring your ideas to fruition, we provide the following:

market research / value proposition / brand architecture / project team creation /
product and client development

dai Expression

We distill your brand essence and express it across all media. To make sure your
brand is on message at all times, we provide the following services:

brand audit & research / brand strategy / name development / logo design & visual systems /
branded environments / graphic & industrial design

dai Curation

We select and promote the best services, products, and talents between East & West.

Investment in and promotion of architects, artists, and designers /
sourcing and exporting "best-of" services, products, & concepts between Europe & Asia

dai Connections

We connect and provide business solutions, connections, and market knowledge between Europe and Asia.
We help provide the following:

local market insight / cultural navigation / media, marketing, & distribution strategy /
entry into non-traditional media and distribution channels