photo back in 1987

24 years of creating brand soul
& expression

dai was founded in 1987 in Zurich, Switzerland, with a founding credo based on the integration of all relevant aspects of identity. From beginnings in furniture and interiors, the scope of work and in-house talent soon expanded to include architecture, graphics, industrial design, and beyond.

To ensure a consistent message across all mediums, clients have come to rely on dai to help define and express their brand values.

company timeline

These days, in addition to in-house resources in strategic development and creative direction, dai forms bespoke project-based teams that not only ensure maximum flexibility, but provide comprehensive solutions for brand strategy and communications.

With new markets booming, dai has been actively searching for ways to bring its strategic thinking, creative vision, and business connections beyond its borders. The company has participated in various competitions in China since the nineties, and has recently strengthened its presence with an educational partnership that allows it to both contribute to the country's burgeoning design education, as well as to explore various business opportunities in Asia.